5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Have Fun This Summer, DIY Style!

July 9, 2021

Between vacation, camps, trips to amusement parks, and, of course, countless snacks, the cost to keep kids fed and entertained during the summer can really add up. Thankfully, there’s an equal number of ways that families can have fun during the summer months without spending an arm and a leg. Read on for five inexpensive ways to make the most out of the season, DIY style!

  • Have fun with water. Why not challenge your kids to a game of water balloon dodgeball or baseball? You could also play catch with sponge bombs! They’re easy to make—just cut sponges into strips, tie them together, soak them in a bucket of water, then start tossing!
  • Make your own bubble solution. If you’re constantly running out of bubble solution during the summer months, consider making your own for just pennies on the dollar. All it takes is water, light corn syrup, and liquid dish soap to create hours of bubbly fun!
  • Have an indoor camp-out. Enjoy all the best parts of camping (without having to brave the elements) by setting up a campsite right in your home! String lights across the room, unroll a few sleeping bags, and tell scary stories. For a more authentic experience, pitch a tent in your backyard. Don’t forget to make some s’mores!
  • Perfect a summer recipe. When was the last time you tried making your own ice pops or ice cream? Your family will love choosing their own flavors and add-ins and seeing how their favorite frozen treats are made from start to finish. 
  • Get crafty. From tie-dye to outdoor chalk, there’s no shortage of ways to tap into your creativity during the summer months. And while many summer crafts tend to be messy, they can be done outdoors, minimizing clean-up. Here’s a link to kids’ summer crafts on Pinterest.
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