Snow Day? Here are Some Fun Indoor Art Projects to Do With the Kids!

January 9, 2017

Winter is beautiful during those first few snowstorms, but after a while, the whole family may start to feel a bit restless being cooped up inside the house. If you're looking for fun ways to keep the kids occupied, here are some great ideas for art projects, crafts and activities that children of all ages will love.

  • Learn how to paint with magnets with this unique project that blends art and science.
  • Teach kids about color theory while painting in a no-mess way by mixing paint colors in bags.
  • Looking for a larger-than-life art project that the kids will always remember? Create some fun snow day memories with this body art project!
  • Create colorful swirls of watercolor art by using simple shaving cream and some bold food coloring. This project is great if you can't make a special trip to the craft store, as it only requires supplies that you already have around the house!
  • Help the kids make their own abstract art by using your kitchen's salad spinner! Simply add washable paint to the salad spinner, place some paper inside, and let the kids spin the paint until they've created a truly unique work of art.
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