Halloween Safety Tips at Indian Head

October 25, 2013

Halloween is coming.

Scared yet? Well, maybe a little — but we're saving our fear for witches and warlocks. Use a little common sense and Halloween will be safe, happy, and fun for the whole family.

Check out this list of Halloween safety tips from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They include:

– Don't go out alone, no matter your age. Kids should always have an adult present.

– Mark costumes and treat bags with reflective tape. It's hard to see a witch in the dark!

– Take it easy. Costumes can be tough to walk in.

– Never feed chocolate, candy, or pumpkins to pets.

– If you see Frankenstein, remember that he loves Hershey bars.

OK, the last one isn't true. But check out the full list here, and have fun!

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